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Air Fryer Recipes, Keto Recipes

Easy Lamb Kofta – Air Fryer

A delicious keto lamb kofta recipe, made extra easy in your air fryer. Great Middle Eastern flavor for a simple low carb dinner in minutes. Duration Prep Time: 15 Minutes Cook Time: 12 Minutes Total Time: 27 Minutes Servings: 6 Servings Calories: 437kcal Ingredients 2 lbs ground lamb (can sub […]

Garlic Cheesy Bread
Air Fryer Recipes

Cheese Garlic Bread Recipe – Air Fryer

A healthier spin on your favorite pizza shop’s cheese sticks. Perfect for dipping in marinara or as a side for soup and salad. Duration Prep Time: 10 Minutes Cook Time: 20 Minutes Total Time: 30 Minutes Servings: 4 Serving Ingredients 1 C (120g) All Purpose Flour 1 Tbsp (7g) Cheddar […]

Short ribs
Keto Instant Pot Recipes, Keto Recipes, Slow Cooker Recipes

Easy Braised Ribs

These low carb ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender no matter which cooking method you choose. They are guaranteed to be full of flavor too! Duration Prep Time: 20 Minutes Cook Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes Total Time: 2 Hours 50 Minutes Serving: 6 Ingredients 6 large beef short ribs 6 slices […]

Air Fryer French Bread Pizza
Air Fryer Recipes

French Bread Pizza – Air Fryer

All the flavors of a pizza topped onto slices of French Bread for a quick and easy, budget friendly meal that everyone will love! Ingredients 1 loaf French bread, soft 3/4 cup pizza sauce 1 cup part-skim mozzarella cheese, shredded 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, grated Toppings Optional Toppings as desired: […]

Air Fryer Recipes, Keto Recipes

Juicy Air Fryer Lamb Chops

Learn how to cook lamb chops in the air fryer; tender, juicy and delicious every time. Ready in less than 15 minutes and FAST! Duration Prep Time: 5 Minute Cook Time: 7 Minutes Total Time: 12 Minutes Servings: 6 Ingredients 6 12-oz Lamb chops 1 ½ tbsp Avocado oil 1 […]

Air Fryer Recipes, Keto Recipes

Best Donuts Recipe – Air Fryer

Enjoy a quick and easy keto dessert that the whole family will love – air fryer keto donuts! Duration Prep Time: 10 Minutes Cook Time: 15 Minutes Total Time: 25 Minutes Servings: 6 Ingredients 1 ¼ cup almond flour 125 grams ⅓ cup granulated erythritol 60 grams 1 teaspoon baking […]

Air Fryer Juicy Steak Bites
Air Fryer Recipes

Air Fryer Juicy Steak Bites

Classic steak bites made in the air fryer in just 12 minutes. An easy and quick beef recipe to make for dinner. Serve with rice, noodles, a salad, vegetables, or as an appetizer with a variety of dipping sauces. Duration: Prep Time: 7 minutes Cook Time: 12 minutes Total Time: 19 minutes Servings: […]

Chocolate chip cheesecake
Air Fryer Recipes

Air-Fried Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Indulging in the realm of desserts holds an enchanting charm, particularly when it involves the luscious embrace of chocolate. Entering the realm of culinary delights with air-fried chocolate cheesecake elevates this experience to an irresistible adventure. Why Should You Dive into This Dessert Journey? Crafted from humble ingredients, this divine […]